How are the leads generated?

Our combination of marketing, content and automation means we can find your potential customers effectively and at scale. People search online and find our web pages full of informative content. When they’re ready to buy, they fill their details into our online form, which immediately gets sent to you!

How are the leads qualified?

We don’t use trickery, false-pretenses, disguises, shenanigans and definitely no clickbait to find you customers. We prefer to keep things simple - every person’s contact details you receive are actively looking for your services and have a strong interest in buying, which makes them a valuable, high-quality, sales-ready lead. They’ve filled out their details hoping to be contacted by you. We also check that their phone number and email are valid, to prevent any poor-quality false leads.

What do you mean by ‘sales ready’?

The customers we provide are sales ready in every sense of the word, to give you the best chance of turning them into a paying customer. This means they are at the consideration stage of buying, and are actively searching for a provider. They’ll have taken the time to enter their details, expecting more information. They’ll have real contact details (including a telephone number and email address) for you to easily get in touch.

How & when will I receive the leads?

We will start to capture your leads as soon as you click confirm! We will send them to you in real time as your potential customers fill out their details and submit. You will receive information including name, number, email and what they're looking for.

How fresh will the leads be?

Leads will be sent to the most appropriate client as soon as they are submitted! This means that we cannot predict exactly when your leads will appear, as it all depends on when your potential customer is ready to submit an enquiry. Note - contacting leads immediately massively increases the chance of conversion.

How much does it cost?

We are completely transparent about how much each potential customer will cost. You’ll know upfront exactly how much each lead will cost, and you can select how many you’d like at that price. We believe that this pay-per-lead model is the fairest way to operate.

How do you bill?

When you’ve decided what pack you wish to purchase, you pay a secure card payment there and then through your online account. As soon as you click confirm, you’re good to go! Note - you will not receive all of your leads immediately, as they wouldn’t be fresh. For the best chance of conversion, we send you potential customer details as soon as they submit them!

Can I pay via invoice?

If you need to pay for your leads via invoice, simply select the option at the checkout and click confirm. We'll send an invoice to your email within 2-3 working days.  You will not begin to receive leads until the invoice is paid and processed.

Why is customer generation better when I can manage my own google Adwords and SEO optimisation?

It can be difficult when setting up your own google adwords to make sure you’re getting the best return on investment possible. This way, you only pay for genuine leads that match your criteria, and are much more likely to convert. You are not paying for accidental clicks, curious researchers, or bogus contact information.

Even if you have the best SEO in your industry, you could still use customer generation to massively increase your volume, or give a boost to certain areas of your business. Plus, as we use a variety of different channels, our ads can target people that your own marketing may never reach.

How do we differ to other customer generation companies?

We make it easy for you to buy packs of leads when you need them and receive customers  in real time, without the need for slow email chains or meetings with account managers. We’re always on hand to help, but we prefer to let the tech do the talking.

Why can’t we just pay for the customers that actually convert?

After we’ve found you the leads, it’s up to you to contact them and convert them into customers. As we have no effect on the conversion following this process, we cannot be responsible for any leads that don’t convert. We ensure that the leads you receive are relevant, sales-ready and high quality. It’s your job to be persistent, organised and contact them quickly to improve on your conversion rate.

Our team of industry specialists ensure top quality leads by regularly optimising the process and coming up with the perfect blend of marketing channels. Try out our exclusive leads for yourself - no commitment necessary.

What is the average conversion rate?

Conversion rates are unique to every different category within every different industry. Your conversion rate is highly dependent on your own optimised sales process.

What information do you have on how to increase conversion rate?

We wrote a whole article about how to increase conversion rate when contacting new potential customers. In summary, it’s all down to improving the time it takes for the first contact, persistently trying again after no response, and making sure that whoever is making the calls knows all the info and is comfortable on the phone.

We also produced an exhaustive guide to inbound lead handling which is a must read when you have purchased your leads! 


What are your terms of service?

You can read our Terms of Service here.


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